Top 9 Newsletters to Top Your UX/UI Process

As UI and UX designers we need to constantly be in the loop, learning, growing and sharing what we learn along the way. Newsletters are a great option, as you don’t need to go for a hunt for information, they come to you. But with so many newsletters out there, how to choose which ones are worth it? We compiled the list of our own favorites. Take a look, try it out and don’t forget to share it with your fellow UX and UI designers, they might like it too :)
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UX Design Weekly

UX Design Weekly, newsletter curated by Kenny Chen (design @ Google) comprises hand picked UX articles that come directly to your inbox every Monday. You’ll find some great UX articles, useful tools and resources, featured UX portfolio by an UX designer, often some coupons from the sponsors and an inspirational quote at the end. 

UX Booth

UX Booth, founded by Matthew Kammerer, David Leggett and Andrew Maier, is oriented specially on user experience designers, and covers a wide range of topics. Articles are quite in depth, perfect for beginners in UX design while also covering more complex topics for mid-level designers. Newsletter consists of one original article from the website’s editor, following three links from other relevant resources.

Credit: UxBooth


UXcellence, curated by designer and developer Ste Grainer, covers a wide range of topics in UX and UI fields, from accessibility, interaction design, customer experience, visual design, and many more. It’s delivered monthly, but if you don’t like to wait too long, just head over to his website and check out the articles 🙂

curated by designer and developer Sascha Greif, is composed of 5 articles that lands in your inbox daily. It might seem too often, but it’s a nice short newsletter to keep you in the loop.

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Hey Designer, a newsletter curated by Dawid Wozniak (Product Designer @ Netguru), covers articles, news and inspiration from UX design and UI development, along with tools and resources section, where  you can always find something useful. You can choose if you’d like to receive the newsletter daily or weekly. Highly recommended.

The UX Collective

The UX Collective, edited and founded by Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Braga is a weekly newsletter that covers everything UX and UI related. They deliver a lot of top quality content from articles, tools and resources and news from the community. 

Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction Design Foundation newsletter is a great resource. Articles are quite in depth and are perfect to learn something new or just sharpen your current skills.You can also subscribe for a quote of the day that lands in your inbox daily, a nice way to start your day 🙂


UXmatters, founded by Pabini Gabriel-Petit is a weekly newsletter covering topics from every aspect of User Experience Design. Articles are high quality and range from advice and best practices to more in-depth pieces about UX and future trends. 

Credit: Uxmatters

The Smashing Newsletter

The Smashing Magazine is one of my absolute favorites. Not only do they have great and in-depth articles UX and UI related articles, they cover different fields, and every once in a while I get hooked on an article about front-end development. Newsletter comes every Tuesday, so leave some spots in your timetable to read some great articles.



Andrijana Mrkela
Andrijana Mrkela
Andrijana is an experienced UX Specialist with over a decade of experience in the industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Wireframing, UX Design, UI Design, and Prototyping, she is a strong problem solver and creative thinker. In her spare time she enjoys some DIY crafts, swimming and cooking.