Northwest Agency Receives the 2022 Clutch Leaders Award for Croatia’s Finest Web Development Partner.

Innovation through strategy, design, and technology — those are the words we live by here at Northwest Agency. Since 2014, we’ve grown our Varaždin, Croatia-based company to become the family it is today.

We pride ourselves on the success of our clients over the years. They are the reason why we keep going through highs and lows; in fact, they are also the catalyst for the recognition that we’re going to celebrate today. 

Just recently, Northwest Agency was officially recognized as a leading company on Clutch’s highly anticipated Leaders Awards! Our team was given the spotlight for our expertise and commitment to Croatia’s thriving web development space this 2022!

For those of you who don’t know, Clutch is an independent B2B market research website from Washington DC that allows businesses to understand different industries around the world. Each year, the platform commemorates the top-performing service providers that aced their extensive selection process. The leaders awarded were carefully evaluated based on their thought leadership and ability to deliver compelling results. 

The stellar and honest testimonials of our beloved partners allowed us to rank highly on Clutch. We attribute this fantastic award to their gracious support throughout the years. We can’t believe that we’re already in our 8th year in the industry. We look forward to more wins and opportunities like this in the future.

Thank you so much to everyone! We are grateful to have been given the chance to serve as your five-star partners. Toast to what’s ahead for all of us!



Vladimir Mrkela
Vladimir Mrkela
Vladimir is co-founder and CEO of the Northwest. His background is in PHP development and project management. When he is not sitting in the front of the screen you may find him outdoors - riding a bike.